Pickled Image is an award wining puppet company based in Bristol. Over the years the company has gained international recognition for their darkly humorous visual productions and has won many awards for their work. Proud to be at the forefront of British puppetry the company is continuing to create exquisite puppets and performances in the UK and abroad. The director’s of the company are Dik Downey & Vicky Andrews who between them have 45 years worth of experience in the creative sector. For Mark Bruce Company Pickled Image created the Spider in ‘Love and War’ and the Great White Shark for ‘Made in Heaven’.

Emma Powell is a puppet maker for Pickled Image, previous work has included model maker and painter for Jeff Cliff Model Effects, on a wide range of projects from National Theatre props to Tim Burton’s film ‘Frankenweenie’. Emma helped to make the Great White Shark for ‘Made in Heaven’ and is proving to be an extremely talented young puppet maker.

For more information about the company please visit www.pickledimage.co.uk