On Choreography & Making Dance Theatre

Oberon has recently published Mark's new book "On Choreography & Making Dance Theatre".

"There is no definitive method of choreography. Any choreographer who has a voice has learnt and executed it in their way. Choreographers pick up things here and there from what they see, who they work with, and assemble a craft themselves. So much of what they do as artists is intuition and instinct. Creativity cannot be tamed and fully understood or concluded. Artists are dealing with imagination.

On Choreography and Making Dance Theatre will be an invaluable insight into Bruce's approach, both artistic and practical, as he documents his process from the beginnings of ideas to the realisation of a full-length production. Bruce provides an explanation of the range of skills he believes are required, and all that needs to be considered in the creation of dance theatre.

Mark Bruce has choreographed and directed internationally for nearly thirty years. His award-winning company produces dance theatre with a strong filmic aesthetic, and an eclectic choice of music. Bruce's productions utilise a wide range of experience and influences, whilst being rooted in a highly crafted choreographic language.

Cover image by Nicole Guarino

ISBN: 9781783197774


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