BlackBird RedRose Studios

In August 2017 MBC took a lease on a large and versatile warehouse space in our home town of Frome, Somerset.

After 25 years of creating work in church & school halls the company finally had a base. With the generous support of the Linbury Trust we installed a sprung Harlequin floor, a heating system, an office and a green room. The design of the space was a collaborative process with professional creative practitioners, the aim to provide an environment for progressive work through the facilitating of basic practical needs.

Now at BlackBirdRedRose Studios we are able to research, create and rehearse our theatrical and digital work, store our sets, props and costumes, expand our education programme and run the administration of the company.

We are looking for your support to continue the growth of BlackBirdRedRose Studios transforming it into a digital producing and distribution hub with a full lighting rig and blackout facilities that could be of use for all kinds of projects for all kinds of people. This would, at the same time, enable more independence with the technical needs of the realisation of a touring production before it hits the road.
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